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Trump’s Narc Word Salad

I think most Americans recognize Donald Trump as an overt narcissist.  He’s “THE BEST” at everything (according to himself), everything he does is “GREAT”, he always wants people to know how rich he claims to be, and he will always brag about how his next big flop is going to be “HUGE”.  I think most people, especially in America, have met someone like this before.  Most people like this need to be taken with a grain of salt.  

However, Donald Trump isn’t mentally stable enough to be your regular overt narcissist.  His unstable mood swings bring him into territory quite frequently that qualifies him as a covert narcissist.  The covert narcissist is by far the more dangerous of the two types.  

Here are ways to recognize a manipulative covert narcissist:

-circular conversations that never end

-lots of meaningless or irrelevant facts

-lack of logic or direction to what is being said

-condescending tone as if talking to a child

-projecting or attributing what they do onto you (or others)

-blaming, shaming, denying, or finding excuses

-alternating their role from victim to hero

-a confused state after hearing them

That pretty much describes any dialogue with Donald Trump EVER!  I didn’t write those criteria to fit Donald Trump, either. They are from a brochure called “Narc Speak” by Pierce the Darkness.  

The ONLY safe way to deal with a highly manipulative covert narcissist is to maintain a safe distance.  They really are that dangerous, and I think it is safe to say The United States and its people need to impeach Donald Trump and regain that safe distance once again.  Guantanamo Bay would be an appropriate distance as he awaits trial for crimes against humanity for running for-profit concentration camps.

What’s even more troubling is that the camps are not the only covert activity he has been up to.  All that word salad he spews with his hands waving around is a form of covert hypnotism as well.  You know who else did that?  Adolf Hitler did that and now the same dynamic is going on in the 21st century.  Hitler like Trump was a psychopath. Of course Hitler believed whatever he said too because he was a psychopath just like Trump.  Trump believes whatever he says even if he totally contradicts himself five seconds later.  More Americans need to open their eyes and consider the source.  He’s a frickin’ psychopath.  Of course, he believes his lies.  That’s what makes him a psychopath!  Saying “Well, he believes he’s telling the truth…” is just enabling a psychopath!  Someone should really ask Trump, “Who’s the better psychopath you or Hitler?”  He will probably ramble on about how he’s the better psychopath by far…

Only a psychopath and a covert narcissist would blame others for “portraying him badly” for running a concentration camp.  A normal person wouldn’t ever consider running a concentration camp.  So who’s really to blame?  Donald Trump for creating and running for-profit concentration camps?  Or people that are bringing attention to the fact we have shouldn’t have concentration camps in America?

Trump is this generation’s Hitler.  As far as I’m concerned that’s not even up for debate anymore.  That is just a fact.