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Trumping Trump

One way to deal with a sexual predator like Donald Trump is to hold him accountable to everyone else’s reality.  Donald Trump needs to be called out for his own inappropriate behaviors.

He’s only “the best” at a few things like bankruptcy and claiming false moral superiority while always minimizing and justifying his own actions.  Like any true predator he always tries to deflect any blame onto his victims.  Rather than allowing him to always control the narrative; he really should be asked the hard questions to help hold him accountable:

Mr. President how many women have you molested by grabbing their pussies?

Mr. President, how many young girls did you rape at Mr. Epstein’s parties?

Mr. President, is it true your falling out with Mr. Epstein had to do with who got to ‘pop the cherry’ of a 13-year-old?

Did your guard really say, “Everyone must put on a glove before touching Mr. Trump’s penis?”  Are you aware Hitler was a germaphobe as well?

Mr. President, how young is too young for you?  How many minor girls have you had sex with as an adult?

Mr. President do you think it is appropriate for a grown man like yourself to have sex with a 13-year-old girl?  Do you, Donald Trump, consider a 13-year old do-able?

Is it true you made a 13-year-old put on a blond wig, so she looked like your 13 year old daughter Ivanka before you raped her?  Is your daughter Ivanka your type?

Mr. President do you even realize you are lying when it is so obvious to other people?

Mr. President what do you expect to gain by your constant lies?

Mr. President what actions have you taken to address your pedophilia?

My point being we shouldn’t allow Donald Trump as a master manipulator to always control the narrative or all of the sound bites.  His own actions justify him being asked the hard questions.