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Why Trump Won’t Last the Year

By Matt Blanchfield

There’s a popular show called House of Cards on television that chronicles the rise of a corrupt presidency and how getting to the Oval Office means making corrupt political decisions. It’s always interesting when art imitates life. Actress Robin Wright, who plays Claire Underwood, recently told The Guardian that Donald Trump has essentially stolen all their good ideas.

Of course, there’s one big difference between television and real life—on the silver screen there’s a team of writers who can change the course of the narrative. The real POTUS has to deal with the consequences of his actions.

That said, here’s just a few of the reasons that Donald Trump won’t last the year.

Reason number one: his colleagues doubt him

Other people who have done well in business are saying that Donald Trump’s presidency will crumble. In particular, billionaire businessman Mark Cuban has said recently that Donald Trump won’t last the full term because he’s the social media president.

Translation? Cuban himself told an online publication that Trump should use Facebook and Twitter to tell us what he’s thinking about specific issues. However, he also says that “”I don’t know that he knows what he’s thinking.”

Not a glowing recommendation for a POTUS that’s expected to last.

Reason two: One word…Russia.

Everyone knows that where there’s smoke there is usually a fire. That certainly is looking more and more to be the case where Trump’s ties with the Russians are concerned. Here’s just a brief rundown of the mounting criticisms and allegations against the President that are almost certain to bring his White House crumbling down.

  • There are more reports that he disclosed highly classified information to the Russian ambassador in the White House. Most recently, reports are surfacing the President says he never mentioned the world Israel in the meeting. This even though no one is accusing him of doing that. Journalists who study the matter are pointing out the fact that Trump is now denying allegations that no one’s made. They are also saying that by implication Trump is admitting to passing along classified information of some kind. Whether all these allegations are true or not is almost besides the point. Trump’s latest salvo of interactions with the media clearly shows a President who’s floundering.
  • Of course, there is even more growing evidence that Trump’s involvement with the Russians could lead to his impeachment. Not only are there smouldering boxes containing evidence that points to Russian collusion in our election process, but there’s also a new tributary to the story that points to his financial gain with the Ruskis over time.

Reason Three. The odds makers are Involved

Once people start making books on things, it’s usually because there’s a very good chance of it happening. Although there have been grumblings about Donald Trump not making his first four years pretty much since Inauguration Day, his firing of FBI director James Comey really started the ball rolling. Just over a week ago, on May 11, the odds that the President would be impeached stood at a whopping 60%.

Taking Numbers on the POTUS

Paddy Power is the Irish betting house that is taking numbers on the POTUS. They put together a whole set of different bets including the 6 to 1 odds that Trump will be impeached for treason and 38% odds that Steve Bannon will get fired from the White House very soon.

Reason Four: The Russia hole is getting deeper

It seems that every day the story about Trump and Russia gets deeper and more complex with none of looking good for The President. There are recent reports about Trump asking two of America’s top intelligence people to deny that there was any kind of cooperation between his run for president and the Kremlin.

According to CNN, both intelligence officials were uncomfortable with the request from the POTUS and refused. This piles on top of the allegations that the President abused his power and applied pressure by asking the director of The FBI to stop the probe into the allegations of ties with Russia.

For those of you old enough to remember, the whole Trump episode is starting to look a lot like Watergate.

Reason Five: Because the U.N. Says So

You’ve more than likely heard a lot of interesting reasons why people think Trump won’t make it to the end of the year, but here’s a take on that whole argument that you might not have heard before.

At least one expert is saying the pressure itself might be too much for him psychologically. Jean Ziegler is a psychologist from Switzerland who advises the United Nations Human Rights Council so he has some hefty credentials behind his assessment of this President.

Insurmountable pressure

He said that the insurmountable pressure against him might very well lead to psychological problems that will make it impossible for him to carry out his mandate for four years. Ziegler also made the point that he believes there will be a moral insurrection against Trump and he pointed to the recent demonstrations and marches on Capitol Hill.

Ziegler also pointed out that he feels corporations were in control of the world economy more so than any President.

Finally, political historian Allan Lichtman is the last on our list of people who are pretty sure that Donald Trump won’t last very long in the Oval Office. While there are others who have different takes on what will bring the Trump presidency down, Lichtman has a different approach that is quite interesting.

He feels that at least one of the grounds for impeachment will come from within. The Republican Party can’t control him and that’s one of the reasons he thinks Trump will be brought down.

Lichtman also feels impeachment is a possibility for several different reasons. First, he thinks Trump might do something to further endanger national security. More interestingly, this political historian even thinks our current President is capable of being impeached voluntarily through his own actions so he can strengthen his brand and make even more money.