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Trump-Wikileaks Link

Coming under the heading of “Holy Shit…” we learn today that there have been curious links between the Trump camp and Wikileaks, the group that’s been spreading classified data around the web for years.

According to The Atlantic, Wikileaks asked Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., “for his cooperation—in sharing its work, in contesting the results of the election, and in arranging for Julian Assange to be Australia’s ambassador to the United States.”

In a word, phooey. When Wikileaks first came on the scene, we were excited about the role it seemed to be playing in revealing inside information on the doings of the rich and powerful. However, as time has gone on, we’ve become increasingly concerned about what seems to be the organization’s connections to various Russian intelligence services.

And now we learn that the group has been trying to play the Trump card. This revelation, if true, suggests that we are not dealing with the good guys here.

Which is very unsettling, indeed.