Trump Whitehouse Attempts To Silence Facebook Critics - Liberal Resistance

Trump Whitehouse Attempts To Silence Facebook Critics views with alarm recent reports that the Trump Administration has targeted anti-Trump activists on Facebook. According to several publications, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has obtained search warrants that require Facebook to reveal the personal information of any and all users who liked the anti-Trump FB page “Resist This.”*

This means the identities and Facebook browsing histories of at least 6000 users will be available to virtually any one or any agency within the Trump administration. In addition, the DOJ seems to be particularly targeting the organizers of the Resist This page, Emmelia Talarico, Lacy MacAuley, and Legba Carrefour. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is representing the three. is a journal of opinion. However, does not normally itself take a stand on issues, preferring to leave the editorializing to our individual contributors. However, we are making an exception in this case. The actions of the Trump administration in this situation strike at the very heart of free speech in America. There is no escaping the obvious fact that the Whitehouse is attempting to silence its critics and using particularly heavy-handed legal methods to do so.

Therefore, the editorial staff of calls on all liberals, leftists, moderates, genuine conservatives, and other defenders of free speech to oppose the actions of the Whitehouse in this matter. Further, applauds the actions of the ACLU in its defense of the Resist This organizers.

Finally, suggests that if its readers have not already learned to use the Tor network and Tor browser, they may wish to do so soon.

~the editors