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Trump Vs. Aliens: A Trip Into Pure Nuttiness

Okay, have you had it up to there with right wing nutcases going on, and on, and on about their favorite conspiracy theories? Absolutely exasperated by their nonsensical babbling about Illuminati, UFOs, Multiverses, Baby-Eating Lizard People in rubber human suits…?

Us, too.

However, we’ve got with us today a satirical writer who can give ‘em back a little of their own. Skip Glass is a very talented and very funny author who has just recently completed a wonderfully nutty parody of that kind of crazed Trumpoid gibberish. Entitled Aliens vs. Trump & The Multiverse, the book reproduces word for word the kind of logic…or, rather, ill-logic…of Right-Wing Fake News Generators.

And, Mr. Glass has been kind enough to offer LR Net’s readers a downloadable freebie excerpt from the book that you can find here.

If you’re interested, you can also buy the full-length version from a link in the document. However, in the interest of full-disclosure, we need to say that we have no direct, financial connection with Mr. Glass, nor are we making any money off sales of his book.

We just offer it to those of our readers who, for whatever reason, are as crazy as we are.


Aliens vs. Trump & The Multiverse!