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Trump Voters Hurt First

We’ve always known that the people who voted for Trump tend to get hurt the first and worst. And, at long last, some of them seem to be realizing that. Case in point, the people who depended on foreign-born labor, but who now find that the Orange One’s Walls and ICE-raids could force them into bankruptcy.

There is an excellent article on the Lexington-Herald Leader site on this very topic. In ‘Tricked by the devil.’ They backed Trump. Now, his foreign labor cuts may ruin them, Tom Eblen recounts the cases of several Kentucky businesses that had relied on employees with H2-B guest worker visas. But, in his drive to cast all the foreign demons out, Trump is making it almost impossible for those people to find enough workers. Eblen mentions Eddie Devine, a former Drumpf supporter and a formerly prosperous landscaping service owner, “Devine says it has been years since he could find enough dependable, drug-free American workers for his $12-an-hour jobs mowing and tending landscapes for cemeteries, shopping centers and apartment complexes across Central Kentucky.”

And, now, without H2-B workers, Devine may go out of business. Eblen quotes him as saying, “I feel like I’ve been tricked by the devil…I feel so stupid [for having voted for Trump].”

Devine isn’t alone, either in Kentucky or elsewhere. His story is being repeated in every state, city, town, and farm across the nation. The question, though, is how long it will take for the obvious moral of that story to filter down from business owners to the average Trump voter who does not run a business, does not rely on employees, and does not see any connection between Republican policies and his/her own impoverishment.

Or doesn’t now, and who may not for some time to come …

Until, in fact, it is too late.