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Trump Towers and Golf Courses: More of What’s Wrong With Trump’s Refugee Ban

By now, we all realize how many different things are wrong with Donald Trump’s refugee ban beyond merely the humanitarian implications. More and more, noteworthy news organizations are uncovering some geographical and business implications about the potential conflict of interest for the new President.

But first, in case you missed anything along the way, here’s a quick timeline to bring you up to speed on how we got to where we are on this massive blunder.  Remember, scores of your human beings remain in limbo after the executive order banned people from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States.

  • As of Wednesday, a group of Massachusetts lawmakers and members of Congress who all happen to be Democrats have sent a letter to the proper US customs authorities demanding that the people from the seven countries who are now banned be allowed entry into the United States.
  • Also on Wednesday, 721 affected people from the countries that Trump imposed the ban on were rejected entry into the United States. A State Department memo revoked entry for these visa holders.
  • This past Monday, Trump fired the Attorney General Sally Yates after she directed Department of Justice attorneys to ignore the ban because in her opinion it was considered unconstitutional.
  • All the way back on Friday, January 27, Trump signed the executive order. The action by the newly elected President bars people from entering the country if they come from Somalia, Yemen, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Sudan for 90 days. This executive order also suspends the US refugee program for 120 days and puts an indefinite block on any Syrian refugees from entering the country.

Without going through all the protests that are happening across the nation and worldwide based on compassion and human dignity, let’s focus on the cold hard facts about what’s wrong with this draconian measure that has been imposed by our new President.

First off, here’s a curious fact. Donald Trump has no business at all in any of the seven countries that he’s named in this ill advised executive order. In the interest of being fair, there are those who say the list Trump has come up with are also places with unstable governments and incorrect vetting procedures to start the process off for traveling to the United States, but if we look a little deeper it’s easy to see there are cracks in that story.

Research points to the fact The Trump Organization in fact has some properties and other concerns in countries that have been linked directly to exporting terrorism. For example, he has a series of luxury towers in Turkey which is considered to be one of the hotbeds in the area for Islamic Jihadists. The argument that Trump is pinpointing countries with unstable governments breaks down even further when you consider he has a few companies in Egypt but hasn’t imposed a ban on people from there. Finally, our new President even has golf courses in United Arab Emirates.

It’s easy to say the countries named are those originally red flagged by the Obama administration, but one of the biggest names missing from Trump’s list is Saudi Arabia and here’s why that’s crucial.

Fifteen of the 19 hijackers from 9/11 came from that country. Now while there are those people who make the argument it might be a coincidence of some fantastic sort that these hijackers all came from the same place, one thing that no one can deny is Saudi Arabia supports anti-Semitic and anti-Christian anti-Christian and anti-Semitic rhetoric right in schools.

In fact, there have been documented cases of the State Department trying to get the Saudis to change what the Huffington Post recently reported as “the incitement to commit violence from its textbooks.”

Stop for a minute to consider what’s in these textbooks that’s given to 5 million Saudi students whose country is exempt from any kind of ban. If the President of the United States was trying to keep us safe from countries exporting terrorism, he couldn’t ignore   the fact that research shows these textbooks have references to things like:

  • Jews and Christians are the enemy of the Islamic faith and that the clashes between the religions are set to go on forever.
  • Orders that practicing Muslims learn to hate Jews and Christians.
  • It is in fact a religious duty to spread Islam throughout the world through Jihad. Granted these aren’t the views of all or even a large majority of Muslim believers, but these facts clearly illustrate the point that the President’s Muslim ban is ill-conceived and more than likely backed by his own interests.

Remember the fact that Egypt was exempt from Trump’s ban? Well, a recent Pew research study had some interesting and disturbing findings along the lines that 75% of Egyptian people polled didn’t believe their Arabs were responsible for 9/11.

Following through with logic, wouldn’t it make more sense to impose a ban on Egypt where there is more likely sympathetic thought for Islamic terrorist groups?

Here’s a few final thoughts and developments on this strange and knee jerk reaction from Trump. Currently there are several states including New York and Massachusetts that are challenging the executive order in court. On the other side of that coin, nearly 500,000 people have received green cards in the past 10 years from the seven nations that have been named in the executive order. This means literally there are hundreds of thousands of people who could be barred from entering the US or separated from their families who are already here.

The proof is in the pudding as they say and there’s one more thing that needs to be said about this whole ill-advised mess. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has even gone so far as to say on record that it’s illegal. Zeid bin Ra’ad Zeid al-Hussein released a statement recently that stated clearly “discrimination on nationality alone is forbidden under human rights law.”

Matt Blanchfield