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Trump The Sun King

By Marc Keyser,

Roseanne Barr, a Trump supporter, tweeted:, “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj” in reference to Valerie Jarrett. The backlash has been overwhelming. ABC announced it was canceling the television sitcom “Roseanne” in the aftermath of her racist Twitter outburst.

Valerie Jarrett, a former top aide to President Barack Obama, calmly reacted to actress Roseanne Barr’s racist rant by saying the incident should become “a teaching moment.”

Donald Trump is the new King Louis XIV of America, the Sun God. He is the Supreme Racist in the White House. He is the source of the racial divide and rise of the scourge of White Supremacy in America.

Trump rules the nation by dividing the people. Trumps shouts to the crowd at a rally “Build the wall”… and what his supporters hear is “Deport the wet backs… they are all rapists and animals,” “Send the Niggers back to Africa,” “Chinks” are not real Americans,” and “Ban the Muslims.”

Trump shouts “Make America Great Again” and his cult followers hear, “Make America White Again.”

Deadline White House‏Verified account @DeadlineWH

“We think about Abraham Lincoln calling to the better angels of our nature … Donald Trump, everyday from the moment he wakes up to the moment he retires, summons our worst demons”

Trump dehumanizes and attacks minorities to gain the approval of angry whites to build his base of support and strengthen his control of our government .

Trump’s daily Tweets stoke the fires of the White Nationalist Movement in America. Trump offers his base of bigots the promised land of a White Superiority the way Hitler fed the Nazi bigots in German the promise of Arian superiority and Germany over all. Trump is attacking non-white minorities in America; the way Hitler attacked the Jews in Germany. Because they are the most vulnerable and the least likely to fight back. Divide and conquer.

The small difference between Trump and Hitler: Hitler had a mustache. The big difference between Trump and Hitler: Trump has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. Hitler exterminated 6 million Jews; Trump could start a race war in the streets to stay in power… and tear this nation apart. Trump could start a nuclear war in the Middle East to stay in power… and exterminate civilization.

Trump believers know Trump is lying

Trumps lies and falsehoods are propaganda. They have a purpose. They are meant to delegitimize and antagonize the media, and keep the nation is a constant state of distraction and division.  But to Trump’s followers, his lies are insider communication. They are catch phrases, talking points, code to his constituents. Subliminal communication.

Trump calls the news media “fake news” to discredit factual reporting on Trump exactly the way Hitler called the news media in Germany the “lying press”.

60 Minutes” correspondent Lesley Stahl came away from an interview with #Trump where he blatantly told her he attacks the press and calls them “fake news” so no one will believe what the news media reports about him. Not only does he lie, but he brags about the lies he is telling.

The news media is the nation’s guard dog chasing its tail.

The more news casters try to correct Trump’s lies and falsehoods, the more they spread Trump’s gospel of lies and falsehood, and the more they help build his base of believers… who don’t care that Trump is lying.

Like telling a hog “You sir are wallowing in your own excrement.” The hog says, “…so what’s your point?”

Trump calls it “fake news “, but the truth is everything coming out of Trump’s mouth is nothing but pig-shit lies that resonate with his true believers.

Trump is a buffoon, but he is their buffoon. Trump is a con man, but he’s their con man, Trump is a ruthless dictator, but he is their ruthless dictator. To his followers, Trump is a means to an end. He is the evil that must be endured for the good of the overthrow of the government and his White is Right pipe dream.

Trump is such a prolific liar, such a consummate propagandist it’s mesmerizing. His lies have become our daily reality, our new norm. Everything in America now revolves around Trump and his Twitter tantrums that drive the news cycle. While his supporters wallow in it.

As Trump’s following of White Nationalists grows, Democrats who are placing their hopes on the upcoming election may be in trouble.

As one reporter noted, even with all the media fragmentation, Donald Trump dominates our attention universe. He blocks out the sun and sucks the oxygen out of the air.

The depth and breadth of this dictator’s depravity is as dangerous as it is astounding. It’s no wonder people don’t quite know what Democrats stand for, or how the Resistance can possibly resist the Trump Regime when we are an addendum in the Trump news cycle.

Trump is the supreme ruler of these United States. He is the new King Louis XIV of America, the sun god who sits on a golden thrown cloaked in immense power. Evangelicals worship this Devil as their new Jesus Christ.

The Republican who  control Congress has chosen to keep Trump in the Oval Office to keep Republicans in power. They are a part of the conspiracy to obstruct of justice and to betray this country. They have sold their souls to the Devil, and they have sold out America. These politicians in Washington have defiled our government with their corruption and now treason.

How are we to reason with Trump supporters?

How are we to make Trump supporters understand that Trump conspired with Russia to rig the election and now he is trying to kill the investigation into his criminal behavior? Trump is not the legitimate president, Trump is a traitor.

Perhaps we shouldn’t try to reason with Trump’s supporters who have abandoned reason. When they act out their racism in public, out them on Twitter.

Roseanne Barr may not change her heart, but she will be more mindful to keep her racist sentiments to herself. Roseanne is but a symptom, not the source of the malignant evil infecting the nation. She is a bigot, but she’s no Donald Trump.  

Boycott Bank of America to send a message to Congress to impeach Trump

This is a teaching moment. We must teach Congress a lesson.

We must compel Congress to impeach Trump. We must focus on Congress and make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Call Bank of America and occupy their phones. That’s right. Block their phones and put their business on hold until Bank of America is ready to tell Congress to impeach Trump.

Occupy the phones, overload the bank with calls, put a chokehold on their communications, interrupt business as usual and cost them money. Make Trump their problem.

Force Congress to impeach President Trump… just to save Bank of America from going under.

The GOP Republicans control Congress, but they can’t afford to lose Bank of America and face an economic meltdown on Wall Street. No, they cannot.

We must take the Resistance to the next level. Step up from a million protesters marching in the streets to a million callers blocking the phones at Bank of America.

Bank of America is one of the 5 big banks on Wall Street. They are a key player in the Shadow Government that owns a big share of Congress and the President. When Bank of America speaks, Congress listens.

The best way to reach Congress is to peacefully call Bank of America, non-violently overload their communications, disrupt their business until their own customers turn on them in the chaos. When we occupy the phones at Bank of America, it’s only a matter of time until stockholders panic and start dumping their stock and depositors start a run on the bank. (Trump supporters with stock in the corporation and money in the back will be among the first to want their money back.)

The Bank of America Phone Boycott will make news

… it will go viral. We will dominate the news and activate protesters with smartphones to social network activating others to join in calling Merrill Edge in cities around the world. The Bank of America Call-in will grow and multiply and spread like a computer virus among people in cities everywhere who hate Bank of America/ Merrill Edge and fear the insane gas bag who is now President of the United States.

Congress will pass common-sense gun laws, protect the Trump-Russia investigation and impeach Trump for treason…or Congress will lose Bank of America/ Merrill Edge and run the risk of financial melt-down on Wall St.

Join the Resistance.

All we have to do is call Bank of America, occupy the Phones and keep calling until the volume of our calls disrupts their business. Call the nearest branch of BofA let them hear the sound of doom in their offices with their phones ringing off the hook.

Call in solidarity and help put a chokehold on the communications at Bank of America, disrupt business and cost them money… a great deal of money. Hold the bank hostage and exercise leverage over Congress. Congress will meet our demands because Congress cannot afford to lose BofA.

Let’s be reasonable.

No one wants to see Bank of America go bankrupt least of all Congress. All we have to do is call in solidarity. All Congress has to do is bend the knee and meet our demands and the invisible army of the Resistance will stop calling.

All Republicans who control Congress have to do is impeach Trump and put him on trial for treason to keep Bank of America from collapsing.

We are the Resistance.

We are the children of God. There is room for us all. Our strength as a nation is in our diversity and our respect for the rights all people. We must destroy this egomaniac in the White House before he destroys us all. Light the gas bag on fire and melt the thrown of golden Sun God.

This is teaching moment

We are the majority. We have smartphones, we have social media, we are armed with the weapons of non-violent, peaceful protest to compel Congress to impeach Trump and bring this pompous pig on the thrown to justice.

Call and make America one nation under God indivisible with liberty and just for all.