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Trump & The Steel Collar Worker

Trump came to power partly by promising jobs to everyone…at least everyone who was white and a conservative.

But the reality is that he can’t and he won’t deliver on that promise. Economics and technology make it impossible for him to do so. Consider this article from Barrons: One Area of the Industrial Economy Is Doing Great: Robots by Al Root.

Notes Mr. Root: “Industrial production peaked in late 2017 and industrial stocks are flat over the past year. The U.S.-China trade war along with slowing global economic activity are causing industrial investors to sweat. But one area of the industrial economy is still growing like gangbusters: robots.” Machines are basically taking over most jobs. It may take a while, but it is happening.

There is nothing that Trump can do to change that. Nor is there any solution that traditional conservatism that will make a difference. Quite simply, we need new solutions and new thinking.

And we need them as soon as possible.