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Trump the Dumpster Fire

So a fire broke out at Trump Tower on Saturday, April 8, 2018.  While the fire was still burning, the so called president was already tweeting about it:

Some time later, we learned that someone died in the fire.  Sane, civilized people might learn from this what the Donald never seems to learn — that one should really wait for all of the information to come in before commenting on any event, especially when one is president of the United States:

Some admirable people want to try to engage with Trump supporters.  That is an impressive impulse.  Many of these folks look pretty unreachable, but you do what you feel like you need to do.

To be clear, Trump supporters still have all of the rights of citizens, assuming they are citizens, and many of them are.  Because of their ugly history as devices to prevent African Americans from voting (the term, “grandfather clause,” stems from the rule that anyone who’s grandfather could vote before 1860 did not have to take the literacy test in order to vote, which allowed for easy racial discrimination in voting), we no longer use literacy tests as a requirement for voting, tempting as that might sound.  A civics test looks highly desirable, but it’s highly unlikely that anyone would even suggest it, and most civil rights groups would likely condemn the idea.

Some people (quite rightly) condemned the so called president for congratulating himself for a well constructed building by tweet before finding out about any injuries and their severity.  As it happens, the New York Fire Department uses Twitter, too:

It turns out that there are no sprinklers on the upper floors of the building:

That is, it is not a well built building.  But his supporters are still quick to leap to his defense, and to accuse “liberals” of “celebrating” the fire, which of course did not happen.

Again, if you want to try to talk to people who say things like this, go right ahead, but it seems that your chances of making much headway are slim: