Trump Temps Trade-War - Liberal Resistance

Trump Temps Trade-War

Weren’t conservatives supposed to be in favor of free trade? Apparently not the current sort of conservative. Der Drumpf recently threatened our major trading partners with all sorts of nifty tariffs…and guess what, boys and girls? They’re hitting back.

The New York Times’ Ana Swanson, writing in Trump’s Tariffs Prompt Global Threats of Retaliation, notes that Trump had barely stopped huffing and puffing about tariffs before the rest of the world replied. She says that our trading partners have “… promised to retaliate against quintessential American goods like Kentucky bourbon, bluejeans and Harley-Davidson motorcycles.”

And by trading partners, we’re not talking some tiny island country in East Overshoe. We’re talking China, the European Union, and pretty much everyone else. If Trump keeps up like this, we’re going to have a slight shortage of customers for our products.

Oh, as I recall, Trump promised to run the country “like a business.” I guess you can’t fault him. He’s running the US just like he ran his own businesses…into the ground.