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Trump Team Loses An Honest Man

Jonathan Swan of Axios is reporting that Josh Raffel, a senior communications official at the Whitehouse, is leaving to return to the private sector. This is a blow to the administration in general, and to Ivanka and Jared Kushner in particular. Raffel was seen as a clean, competent, and trustworthy individual who could be relied on in a crisis.

Raffel was recruited out of Hollywood in 2017. He is a Democrat and had been a Clinton supporter, but apparently someone in the Trump administration saw the need for somebody with experience and the required skillset in the communications department. Swan says that he soon became an important asset to the Jared-Ivanka team, as well as to the administration as a whole.

Swan is not saying that Raffel’s departure has anything to do with Kushner’s recent difficulties with Whitehouse Chief of Staff John Kelly. However, the timing of his exit is good, given that just this week Kushner and Ivanka seem to have lost their own ongoing struggle with Kelly.