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Trump And Social Vandalism

Ever since the Trump-Putin regime seized power in the illicit election of 2016, it has been saying that it would drastically cut back on the government’s size and power. So far, it hasn’t done so, mostly because it has been occupied by other things, or not been permitted to by the realities of budgets.

Unfortunately, that’s about the change. There’s an article on the Washington Post site that everyone ought to read, Trump has long vowed to slash government. Now the knives are finally coming out by Juliet Eilperin. In it, Eilperin notes that now that there is a budget deal more or less on the table, the kleptocrats will feel free to start actually slicing and dicing. She notes, “Dozens of long-standing programs are slated for termination, and every agency, large and small, has submitted a plan to the White House for reorganization.”

This is a disaster in the making, but it is also in tune with the Right’s pseudo-libertarian “government needs to be shut down” mantra. Or, to put it another way, the Trumpsters want a system in which absolutely nothing gets between them and doing exactly what they want to do, no matter how much it harms the rest of us.

Ergo, let’s make a suggestion, when this is all over, and the Trumpsters and the Dark Money Lords are out of power, and we have to spend several decades rebuilding all that they’ve destroyed…

We define a new crime, “Social Vandalism,” the wanton destruction of what is good for no reason what so ever.

And the penalties for this transgression?

Instant, stern, and….