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tRump Shifts Money From Military To Wall

Disturbing article over on the Hive, Vanity Fair’s online political site. In Trump’s New Border Plan: Make the Military Pay for the Wall, The Pentagon is diverting money from bona fide defense systems to fund a largely ineffective border wall. What could go wrong?, Eric Lutz looks at how the Orange One is moving money and resources away from real-life security issues — terrorism, China’s military, Putin, etc. — to the Wall. In answer to his own question, “What could go wrong,” he answers, pretty much everything.

Lutz also notes the sweet and sour irony of the whole thing, given that “that Trump, who has claimed the D.O.D. was ‘depleted’ by Barack Obama’s administration… [is now taking] funds from D.O.D. programs to fund his pet project.”

You have to wonder, when all this is done and said, and China owns Hawaii and California, and Russia has reclaimed Alaska, and New York, Washington, and Atlanta are just smoking, radioactive ruins…

Will the Deplorables still think they’re winning?