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tRump Sent N-Waste To NV

Newsweek is reporting that the Trump administration secretly send nuclear waste to a storage facility in Nevada after the state had expressly forbidden the shipment. However, the White House simply ignored the state's right to control shipments of dangerous materials into its territory.

The magazine notes that this incident has inflamed already tense relations between D.C. and the state, "...Nevada officials expressed their anger at the Trump administration and vowed to seek accountability. 'I am beyond outraged by this completely unacceptable deception from the U.S. Department of Energy,' Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) said in a statement. 'The department led the State of Nevada to believe that they were engaging in good-faith negotiations with us regarding a potential shipment of weapons-grade plutonium, only to reveal that those negotiations were a sham all along. They lied to the State of Nevada, misled a federal court and jeopardized the safety of Nevada’s families and environment.'”

The Trump's action was horrific, but what can you can expect from and Administration which has consistently regarded safety concerns as just something that gets in the way of profits?