Trump Resistance – Totally Unprepared

Trump Resistance – Totally Unprepared

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By J.D. Munch

I have been away from television for the last five days so I have depended on my phone for the latest breaking news.  I have watched my twitter account and felt the alarm in my Twitter comrades over the events of the past few days.  First it was the hype leading up to Trump meeting Putin…then news of Russian hackers and our nuclear facilities, then Russian spy activity unchecked in USA, then the meeting and outrage that continues as I write this.  What if these stories are true?  What if there were a planned attack on our power grid?  How better to silence the Resistance!

Trump ResistanceIf loss of power were to occur nationwide, how would the Resistance carry forward?  Would we be silenced?  Are we really a true resistance force dedicated to returning America to its constitutional freedoms?  It is horrifying to have to think this way but why be unprepared? Our liberation may depend on our own ability to make it happen. One model that we can study and learn is the French Resistance.   I am not going to pretend to be an expert in French Resistance movement but it didn’t take much research to find out some basic information.

Apparently after constant problems with infiltration, the Resistance ultimately became a network of small groups.  Each member only knew 2-3 others.  If they were captured and tortured and gave up information, it was limited how far that information could lead.  Messages were passed through stories in the newspapers using code words.  How would American Resistance members coordinate information dissemination?   While the French Resistance worked silently helping the allied forces that were coming to their rescue, who would come to our rescue?  I think it is worth considering the challenge.  I challenge all Americans that consider themselves part of the new Resistance movement to consider how this could change from an idea, to reality.

I am a 56-year-old, professional woman with a Master’s Degree in Nursing.  I have traveled all over Europe and have always tried to have constructive criticism of America. The recent historical problems made me realize the love for my country.  I have never understood men and war, but since January 20, 2017, I am prepared to risk my life for the freedom of my grandchildren, so that they may know the America that I love.  As Hillary said Resist, Enlist, Persist.