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Trump Property Investigated?

We know that Trump properties are regularly using undocumented workers, the very people Trump and his enablers are making public enemy number one. But there haven’t been too many raids on Trump worksites by ICE folks.

So, how come border control people aren’t making more of an effort to enforce the law? Well, according to Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan, the authorities may, or may not, be investigating the Trumspers even as we speak. On CNN, Morgan was asked why he wasn’t making more an effort with Trump properties. He replied, “You really can’t say that [that he isn’t pushing an investigation of Trump] for sure…There are investigations going on all the time that you’re unaware of… Of course it’s going to jeopardize the investigation if I come on here and I talk to you about an investigation that’s going on.”

Ah, but notice the subtly here. He’s not saying he really is looking into Trump’s labor practices. He is just saying that you can’t say for sure whether he is not.

Still, wouldn’t it be great if someday ICE drags the Orange Bastard out of the White House for employing “illegal aliens?”