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Trump Presidency Stolen by Russian Hackers

By Matt Blanchfield

You know when computer scientists start getting involved in politics, there’s really something big going on. That’s the case in a story that’s been getting some play in the media and lends a strong hand to those of us who say the entire election should be considered invalid.

You need to dig a little to find the right information, but it’s there in black and white in The Independent, a British publication that still knows journalism needs to be impartial and based on credible facts that can be backed up. Are you listening FOX News?

Respected Journal

At any rate, this respected journal reported just after the election that a group of computer scientists and lawyers urged Hillary Clinton to challenge the election results in the three key swing states that many believe toppled her chances of winning the election. The reason was suspected tampering at the hands of the Russians. The group included voting rights lawyer John Bonifaz and J Alex Halderman, director of the University of Michigan’s Center for Computer Security and Society.

The evidence is further supported by another story from the same time period (November 2016 in New York Magazine).

The publication reported that the group was lobbying Clinton’s team to challenge the election results. Let’s start looking at what happened with Wisconsin.

Clear Facts

The facts are clear. Clinton got 7% fewer votes in counties that used electronic voting machines as opposed to paper ballots and optical scanners. That in a nutshell was the genesis of the problem but it appears that most of the media started sniffing down the wrong trail. Clinton supporters in and outside of the media were crying foul and demanding recounts in the four swing states where exit polls had Clinton winning all four although they actually wound up going to Trump.

But they were off the trail. They should have been following the one that started with the Democratic candidate’s email issues and the ties to Russian hacking. Remember Clinton won the national popular vote by 0.9 percentage points. That translates into approximately 1.6 million votes. There’s a big gap here that can best be explained by some recent news that has broken. Get ready before you read this. There’s strong evidence the voting machines that cost Clinton the election were hacked.

Credible Publications

Here’s where things get interesting. One of the more credible publications from the UK, The Guardian, is suggesting that the Russians hacked into electronic voting machines. If you’re not sure what all this means, let me spell it out for you. Adding to the evidence that’s piling on Trump thicker than Watergate, there are credible published news reports that point right back to National Security Agency (NSA) and the Russians.

The Intercept is the news organization that The Guardian lifted the story from, and it points to a troubling possibility. It seems not only did the Russians hack into the voting machines to affect our election and thereby make the results illegal, but it’s also a possibility that they hacked into the Democrats emails as a diversion.

Credible Website

It’s important to keep in mind that The Intercept is just as credible as The Guardian in many ways. This credible website is used to report on many different security issues. Specific reports about how the Russians hacked into U.S. vote counting manufacturers was dated May 5, 2017.

To bring the whole thing into context you need to keep in mind Trump is an expert at creating diversions and keeping people off the scent of his real trail. For example, it’s come to light that he’s played the media since he announced his candidacy. Now while he signs executive orders that are designed to smash the fabric of American society, he hopes people will be diverted from his real intentions. Another piece that can be added on is the firing of James Comey.

Credibility of Election

The question that brings the credibility of the whole election into focus is: are we all becoming victims of The Art of The Deal? In fact, is it even possible that Trump intentionally tweets outlandish comments and even tried to dissuade the then FBI director away from the truth as a diversion?

In other words, did the President know about Russian attempts to change the face of the election by hacking into the voting machines and to divert attention from it by firing James Comey to keep us off the trail?


It’s important to keep in mind that there’s evidence supporting this theory. For example, as soon as the story broke about Russians hacking into the software supplier involved in the elections, an arrest was made of a government contractor that further cements the argument the entire election is invalid.

Reality Leigh Winner was charged with taking classified material and mailing it to a news outlet. This federal contractor from Augusta, Georgia has become one of the linchpins in the whole argument that the entire election was twisted by Russia.

Better Focus

It’s brings everything into better focus to understand the initial document was leaked anonymously but verified by an independent source. Of course, the NSA report is better focus with Russian president Vladimir Putin’s recent denials that his country had anything to do with hacking into or trying to influence the American election.

However, there are published reports that say the NSA knew Russian hackers had direct access to parts of the system that had direct access to the voter registration process.

When we put all the pieces of this puzzle together, one thing becomes very clear. Until we understand exactly what happened before and after the election, there is good reason to suspect the results were rigged. Donald Trump tried several times to muddy the waters as far as any investigation goes into his ties to the Kremlin, and the recent arrest of a government contractor and the latest reports about voter hacking should be enough to call the whole process into question.

No Longer a Debate

It’s no longer a debate over Electoral College votes versus popular votes. Hillary Clinton’s handling of state secrets on email servers isn’t the issue either. The time has come for Americans to stand up and admit one of the most embarrassing facts in our nation’s history—that the election whereby Donald Trump became president is a sham that needs to be investigated thoroughly and erased from the books.