Trump Mental Health Denial Syndrome - Liberal Resistance

Trump Mental Health Denial Syndrome

William B. Turner

Representative Jamie Raskin (D (duh) – MD) and Tom Steyer, the billionaire who has decided to take on the so called president, have decided to hold a press conference with four psychiatrists who have been very clear that they have a very poor opinion of the Donald’s mental health. They focused heavily on the question of his having the capacity to launch a nuclear attack, which they discussed in terms of how gratifying a nuclear attack would be to his malignantly narcissistic personality, and that he is also a sadist who would have no regard for the suffering any nuclear attack would inflict on millions of people.

But they also talked about the tendency of people who work for authoritarian narcissists such as Trump to start to go along with the pathology out of self interest. It is an endemic hazard for anyone who is president of the United States to end up surrounded by yes people. It’s a very powerful position and one does not attain it without having a strong personality. The problem is only worse for a malignant narcissist who is also a solipsist and cannot conceive of minds who think differently from him.

In thinking about the nuclear attack issue, the problem becomes acute because his subordinates are even less likely than virtually any other president to disagree with him if he decides he should launch nuclear weapons.

As one of the panelists at the press conference explained, he found many reporters were willing to talk to him at length about this issue, only to have their stories spiked by editors.

This is an important story, and it’s not getting the attention it deserves. Publishers are worried about having the so called president target them. They work at for profit companies who have to worry about such things.

This is where the resistance becomes critical. This is why we’re citizens first and consumers second. We all need to be aware of the president’s mental illness and his cognitive decline, which one of the speakers at the press conference addressed very specifically.

The situation is dangerous and unacceptable. We all need to speak up. Write letters. Contact your members of Congress, all three of them – one House member and two Senators. We all have them if we live in the United States (well, okay, residents of Washington, D.C. have none of those, but that’s a separate matter). Demand that they take steps to protect us and the rest of the world from the so called president. There is a bill that would require the president to get agreement from Congress for any first use of nuclear weapons. The Republicans do not want to talk about this.

Democrats have introduced articles of impeachment. Republicans do not want to talk about that, either. We need to pressure them. We need to tell them that continuing to put Party loyalty ahead of the good of the country is no longer acceptable.

Get loud. Resist.