Trump, Fox Orchestrate Anti-Mueller Smear Campaign - Liberal Resistance

Trump, Fox Orchestrate Anti-Mueller Smear Campaign

Trump and other pond scum on the Plutocratic Right seem to be orchestrating a sophisticated smear campaign against Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating Trump’s links to Putin. Apparently having discovered that neither the president nor his enablers can conceal their actual guilt, the kleptocrats and fascists running Washington now intend to discredit the FBI and Mueller with lies and slander.

Thus Congressional Republicans have accused Mueller of having an anti-Trump agenda. Meanwhile, over at the festering cesspool that is Fox News, commentators have compared the FBI to the KGB, and have even claimed that Mueller & Co. are part of a planned liberal “coup” in America.

The terrifying thing, of course, is that Trump’s knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing supporters will believe this shit. Even when faced with incontrovertible evidence of Trump’s treason and malevolence, they will somehow convince themselves that it is all just a plot on the part of libtards and n-words.

The point? Liberals need to be ready for a fight. We can’t expect little things like truth, justice, and the law to get in the way of the Trumpsters and Fascists. When impeachment comes, or even just gets threatened, we can expect some pretty fierce responses from the Deplorables—maybe including violence.