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Trump Doesn’t See Nerds And Nurses

Interesting article on the Atlantic’s website about the developing American economy. Basically, says Derek Thompson, recent government reports indicate that increasingly the drivers of economic growth will be “nerds and nurses,” that is, people who work in high tech or hearth care.

But the scary thing is that Trump and his enables don’t seem to recognize that, “At times, however, it seems like nobody at the highest level of government has any clue these reports exist. When President Donald Trump talks about the future of the economy, he often praises steelworkers and manufacturers. But manufacturing is the only major industry projected to decline in the next decade, and steelworkers are projected to add just 9,000 jobs in the next 10 years. That is about the same as the projected increase in drama and music professors at private colleges, an occupation that no politician considers symbolic of the American idea (sad!). “

Scary to think that this man could bankrupt us all.