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Trump Didn’t Want Sprinklers In His Tower

Everyone knows, now, that there was a fire at Trump Tower—in which one person died and six firemen were injured. As for press time (Sunday, April 8, 2018), der Drumpf’s only response was to tweet about how the fire was now out (it wasn’t at the time he did the tweeting) and to say good things about his own real estate.

Ah, but wait. There’s more. It’s now become known that the Trumpster actually lobbied against having sprinklers installed in the Tower back in the 1990s.

Thus, writes Benjamin Heart in NY Magazine, “Invoking the sturdiness of the edifice ignores a less savory truth about Trump’s real-estate career. The New York Daily News reports that in the 1990s, Trump personally lobbied against installing sprinklers in high-rise buildings like the ones he is famous for. To this day, Trump Tower lacks them on its residential floors.”

Meaning that, you see, he is indirectly responsible for at least one death.

Lovely. Just lovely.

You know, he’s not even a competent landlord. And now he’s running the country?