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Trump Didn’t Drain the Swamp

Virtual News2 with host and commentator, Marc Keyser. Today my guest is Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York). She could not join me in the studio; instead we are here in virtual reality.

Alexandria has become a lightning rod for Trump conservative attacks. She’s the youngest woman ever to be elected to Congress. The freshman lawmaker brings to the table bold new progressive ideas, charisma, intelligence, according media reports “looks great in red lipstick”.

Marc Keyser: We are going to look at a scene from a congressional hearing earlier this week, in which you posed a serious of “rhetorical” questions in a lightning round game with a committee of experts testifying in Congress.

Alexandria: I said I’m going to be the bad guy, which I’m sure half the room would agree with anyway. That was a joke.
And I want to get away with as much bad things as possible, ideally to enrich myself and advance my interests, even if that means putting my interests ahead of the American people.

Marc: This five-minute clip of your brilliant expose was captured for posterity by the popular Twitter account NowThis News and quickly gained over 15 million views.


Alexander: The purpose: to highlight how it’s legal for congressional candidates to do a lot of shady stuff, which is even more legal for president Trump to do.

I’m going to be the bad guy, which, I’m sure, half the room would agree with anyway, and I want to get away with as much bad things as possible, ideally to enrich myself and advance my interests, even if that means putting my interests ahead of the American people?

I have enlisted all of you as my co-conspirators, so you’re going to help me legally get away with all of this?

Can she run a campaign entirely funded by corporate political action committees?

Can she use that money to make hush payments and pay people off to get elected?

Once in office, can she influence and write laws that might affect the groups from which she’s taken special interest money?

And can she hold stocks in companies the legislation she’s writing might boost?

Are ethics limits placed on members of Congress and the president are comparable. In terms of laws that apply to the president Committee answers yes. There’re almost no laws at all that apply to the president.

It’s already super legal, as we’ve seen, for me to be a pretty bad guy. So, it’s even easier for the president of the United States to be one, I would assume?

Marc: That is a brilliant piece of political theater.

Alexander: We have a system that is fundamentally broken. We have these influences existing in this body, which means that these influences are here in this committee shaping the questions that are being asked of you all right now.

Marc: The House of Representative is now controlled by Democrats, so you may present progressive legislation, but you will not get it passed into law as long as Trump is President and Republicans control the Senate.

We can force Republicans in the Senate to impeach President Trump and pass campaign financing reform.

Alexandria: But how?

Stand up and take on the Republicans in Congress to take Trump down.

Join the fight to force Trump Republicans in the Senate do their constitutional duty to vote to impeach President Trump for high crimes and treason. And pass Campaign Finance Reform.

Call Bank America 800-732-9194, block their phones, disrupt their smooth-running money machine until Trump Republicans in control of the Senate bend the knee and vote to impeach Trump.

The Republicans in Congress will bend the knee. They will impeach President Trump and nullify his illegitimate presidency, or they will lose Bank of America Merrill Lynch and face a meltdown on Wall Street.

When we start calling local banks and demonstrating out front, it will make the news and go viral. A few thousands casual callers in the U.S. can go viral and mushroom into millions of die-hard callers in cities in the U.S. and around the globe calling Merrill Lynch and Bank of America with a vengeance.

President Trump cannot stop 7.5 billion people with mobile phones and Internet access in cities around the world from calling Bank of America Merrill Lynch… if they damn well feel like it.

There are no special skills involved in calling 800-732-9194, your average 5-year-old can do it. Who among us cannot use social media to get the message out?

The police can threaten to arrest people who call Bank of America, but on what charges? Is the government going confiscate millions of phones from people who might call?

Since when is it a crime for consumers to use their phones to call Bank of America and Merrill Lynch to complain about the way these crime syndicates on Wall Street do business?

This is a protest in virtual reality where people are free to call without fear of riot police, tear gas, and mass arrests.

If Bank of America is overwhelmed with complaints, and they can’t answer their phones fast enough to clear the lines and keep their business running at a profit, that’s their problem. If they don’t want people to camp out on their phones and muck up their business, all they have to meet our demands.

The Phone Protest disrupting business at the one or two bank locations will make the news, it will go viral. Then it is merely a matter of time until the Virtual Protest get so big it triggers a run on the bank and crashes their stock… and that’s a huge problem for Republicans in Congress on the payroll of the Big Banks on Wall Street.

The plan is simple. We simply call to boycott Bank of America to break up Bank of America and Merrill Lynch and put public pressure on Republicans in Congress bend the knee and impeach President Trump and pass Campaign Finance Reform. We simply use social media to spread the word and go viral.

We protest in the virtual reality of the telecommunications where there are no walls to keep millions of people from calling to invade Bank of America Merrill Lynch and muck up their business… until Republicans in the Senate meet our demands

Republicans in the Senate will vote to impeach Trump for high crimes and treason and pass Campaign Finance Reform. They will bend the knee and bow down to will of the People.


Marc Keyser is a writer and activist who has pioneered the use of the cellphone as an instrument of mass protest. The opinions expressed here are his own, but they are powerful.

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