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Trump: Clap, You Traitors, Clap!

Coming under the heading You Can’t Make This Shit Up…

Donald (Der Dumpster) Trump has announced (apparently seriously) that those Democrats who didn’t stand and applaud him during his recent State of the Union address were traitors. According to an article by Rafi Schwartz in Splinter, Trump has said that the Dems who didn’t show more than due respect were “Un-American. Somebody said treasonous. Yeah, I guess why not? Can we call that treason? Why not.”


Well, if you had any doubt about the man being a morbid narcissist…

But, of course, you then have to ask, what would he have done if, say, a Democrat had interrupted his speech by yelling “You lie!” The way that a certain Republican yelled at a certain Democrat.

Kind of boggles the mind, doesn’t it?