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Trump, Champion of…Gun Control?

It seems that Donald Trump has come out in favor of Gun Control.

Wait. What? No. Really. It’s true. It seems that in a meeting on Wednesday, Trump told a crowd of Democrats and Republicans that he favors some sort of comprehensive gun control program to prevent more mass killings, like those at Parkland and Las Vegas.

This is, of course, stunning, given that this is the man who presented himself as Mr. Bumpstock Q. Magazine. Already, at least according to several press reports, the NRA and bloodlusting Right have gone after him in horror and shame. He is now, it seems, almost in the same league as Obama as a potential gun-snatcher.

What to make of all this? Well, of course, we can’t take it too seriously. Der Drumpf is not a man to be trusted in the long run. By this time tomorrow, he may have watched Faux News and decided that every child ought to be issued an Uzi before first grade.


One wonders…Trump is a raging idiot. But one thing he’s good at is detecting shifts in the wind.

Could it be…just maybe…he’s realized that the NRA’s time has passed? And that, to survive…he must drop them…like a live grenade…

Or a loaded AR 15?

NW Dvořák