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Trump: Bernie’s The Enemy

Interesting article over on The Daily Beast, Trump Calls Bernie Sanders Crazy, Praises Him in Private. According to the authors, Trump publicly berates Sanders, and says he looks forward to running against him. He implies that Sanders is dangerously removed from the American people, and that as a “Socialist” (read Communist) will be rejected by all right thinking voters.

But, in private, Trump fears Sanders as the only Democrat with a message as strong as his own, and who might in fact steal Trump’s working class voters right out from under him.

This, of course, could be true (though it will be interesting to see if Joe Biden will similarly play the working class card). The question is whether the Democratic Establishment will understand Sanders’ appeal as well as Trump does, and support him if he should win the nomination.

The DNC has, after all, already sabotaged him once, even at the cost of losing the White House. It would be all too easy for it to do so again.