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Trickle Up Economics

Here’s an economic policy that would actually work.  How about the people at the top stop pissing on people below them and telling them it’s raining and start dealing in the world of actual economics and not fantasy.  

When workers or even retirees are paid a decent wage that allows them to actually be able to live.  Then that money goes back into the economy where someone else can also earn that money, and they will also be able to afford to live by continuing to spend that money and so on and so on…  This concept was developed using a brand-new and ground breaking approach to American economics called “common sense”.  

Here’s the beauty of it.  The more we take care of the people at the bottom and middle the better off our economy will be and the money always flows up anyway.  So it will still continue to make it into the top 1%’s greedy and itchy hands.  This provides another amazing benefit to the already wealthy too; they won’t have to be eaten by the poor.  They do say, “It is never too late to eat a billionaire!”  

I challenge anyone to give me a situation where the money doesn’t trickle up into large corporations or to the extremely wealthy over time in the American economy?  Even if people in the bottom half of the economy started to be able to actually save money again, that money is typically managed by a large bank or corporation.  So, I’m definitely not going to hold my breath waiting for anyone to come up with a situation where the money doesn’t flow up over time.  

If anyone would like me to give an example where money doesn’t trickle down to people in middle and bottom in America, please refer to “Exhibit A” the last 35+ years.  So maybe if Democrats and progressives want to start to control the narrative in this country every single elected Democrat or progressively minded representative needs to start working the term “Trickle Up Economic” into a sound bite or tweet at least once a day until after the November 2020 election.  Even unellected people can easily jump on this bandwagon.  I’ll start, “Trickle Up Economics changed my life, now I can actually afford to buy food!”





Chris Madsen is a writer and activist based in the great state of Hawaii. He frequently writes from the unique perspective of his Pacific home. His opinions are his own.

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