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Trickle Down, and other urological humor

So, remember Trickle Down Economics? That was when the rich were supposed to get richer and make the rest of us richer too when they bought more stuff and so their money “trickled down” to everyone else. Ronnie Reagan brought us that wonderful idea.

Okay, well, Trickle Down is back with us in the form of Der Drumpf’s Billionaires Know Best government. And, guess what? It is…just like last time…a total fuck up.

According to a recent article in Mother Jones, the numbers show that income is booming for big corporations, big banks, and stock market funds…as well as the people who own those things…but normal folks? Ah, nope. Earnings for the rest of us are flat at best and declining at worst.

Well, at least it is nice to know that things are consistent. Consistently awful, but consistent. And the ghost of Mr. Ronnie can sleep in peace, knowing that the dim-witted, unsuccessful, and basically exploitative economics he put in place, continues to piss all over our lives. How happy he must be.