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Transition Team E-mails, Or : The Continued Whining Of Donald Trump

By William B. Turner

All the news today is about the outrage of everyone in Trumpland about Robert Mueller having obtained thousands of emails from the Trump transition team. How dare he?! Give them back! Perfidy! Cruel injustice!

In case anyone’s willingness to believe anything the president says has survived the insanity of so called president Trump, let’s be very clear: any legal claim he or his team makes is garbage. You may have noticed that the Donald loves to threaten to sue people. Pay close attention, and notice that he almost never follows through.

Remember when Bill Maher stated on national television that he believed Trump is actually the result of copulation between his mother and an orangutan? Trump actually filed a law suit as the result of that statement.

Then he withdrew it, with loud, stern warnings about how he would soon refile it. Look it up yourself. Google “Trump maher orangutan.” You’ll find stories about the case. Or the not case because there is no case.

If you hear whining and moaning from anyone about how some judge or legal process is treating poor little Donny Trump meanly and unjustly, ask a few questions. Does this person have any legal training? Does this person work for Donald Trump? Is this claim coming from Fox News or any other totally unreliable, right wing “news” outlet? Is this person’s last name Pirro?

If the answers to these questions are no, yes, yes, and yes, you may safely dismiss them as complete garbage.

Remember how Trump attacked the judge in the Trump University case, claiming that he had a conflict of interest because his parents were Mexican and the Donald had proposed a wall at the Mexican border? Garbage.

Remember how Trump said the Republican judge who won confirmation in the Senate 99-0, then issued a temporary restraining order against the Muslim ban, was a “so called judge”? Garbage.

The Donald cares not at all for the rule of law, which is exceedingly peculiar for a man whose fortune rests in real estate. Real estate only exists as such because of law, because the so-called owners can depend on having police show up to throw out anyone they don’t want on their property, and the people getting thrown out will have no recourse.

The rule of law is the lynch pin of real estate, but the Donald is too stupid to make the connection between his fortune and those judges he loves to disparage.

It seems likely that the closer Mueller gets to indicting people close to Trump, and potentially Trump himself, the more we will hear increasingly outlandish claims from Trump himself and from his lawyers. Assume those claims are false.

Specifically, with respect to the transition team emails, as any number of people have pointed out, presidential transition teams use computers that the federal government provides under contract. You can’t use one without seeing a message telling you that nothing on the computer is private, secret, confidential, privileged, you choose the term. Type it into a government computer and presto! It is subject to disclosure to just about anyone who asks to see it.

Any idiot knows this.

Here’s the actual message government computer display, via Twitter user  @Kelticgirl2:

Second, poor Donald and his boys are too stupid to have figured out that Mueller is vastly smarter than they are. He would never do something as stupid as obtaining evidence illegally, then reveal that he had done so. There are things called search warrants in the world. Even if anyone in the Trump team had any reason to think her/his emails were private or secret or privileged or whatever other term you want to use (hint: they don’t, see above), Mueller could have gotten a warrant to look at them. This is a criminal investigation.

The government don’t play around.

If some prosecutor can show reason to think you are committing or have committed a crime, s/he can get a judge to issue a warrant for your stuff.

Note that the Donald’s legal team went to Congress to whine about the transition team emails. It’s not the job of Congress to decide the issue. This is a legal claim. Congress gets to make laws, but they don’t get to apply or interpret them. That is the job of judges. If the Donald’s legal team had a valid claim, they would have gone to a judge.

Since long before he decided to run for president, the Donald’s credibility has always rested on gullible people not looking too closely at what he is doing and being too easily impressed with his apparent wealth. It’s not clear that he is as rich as he wants everyone to think he is. He won’t release his tax returns, so we don’t know. He lies constantly. And even the lies he tells are often so ridiculous as to be obviously false to any well-informed person.

This has always been true. His entire presidential campaign was a huge con job. Woe to the rest of us that so many people fell for it.

The best thing we can do now is to disbelieve anything he or one of his minions has to say. His every claim is a self-interested lie.

So, universal rule. Not a new rule, since this has always been true: whining and moaning from Donald Trump, anyone who works for Donald Trump, any “news” outlet that defends Donald Trump, is complete garbage and you may dismiss it out of hand. Be not fooled.

The Donald cares only about himself. No one should trust a word he says.