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Tough Times for #PermitPatty

You remember that white woman who called the cops, or pretended to call the cops, on an eight-year-old girl for selling bottles of water without a license? Well, it looks like she’s pretty much ruined her life in the process. And this all may a little lesson in to people in general in not screwing up on a grand scale.

Just on the off chance you missed, here’s the story. Eight-year-old Jordan Austin wanted to go to Disneyland, but her mother, Erin Austin lost her job. Still, Erin promised her daughter that if she helped earn the money to do it, they could still go. So, Jordan packed some cold bottles of water in a cooler and went up and down her street offering them for sale at $2 a pop.

The kicker? A neighbor on the street, Alison Ettel, objected to the noise the child was making and either called the police, or threatened to call the police (not clear) to report the child for vending without a permit.

Need we add that Ettel was white and Jordan is black?

No. We didn’t think so.

But, the whole affair was caught on camera by Jordan’s mom, who promptly posted it to the web. The video went viral, Ettel was tagged #PermitPatty, and everything went merrily off from there.

The story has a happy ending for Jordan. Jonathon Brannon, @BrannonMusic on twitter, bought the whole Austin family tickets to Disneyland, making him a hero to a significant slice of the Web.

For Ettel, not so happy. She, like Jordan, is an entrepreneur. Specifically, she sells cannabis products for pets. (Say what?) Anyway, she has lost her biggest customer and has now been cast as a villain in a public narrative that it will take her years to escape…if she ever does.