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Torquemada Shows His Fangs

There is an extremely interesting article on the Sunday New York Times web page which all thinking Christians should read. In the Scariest Catholic in America, Frank Bruni profiles The Rev. James Martin, a liberal (but hardly radical) Catholic priest who has apparently taken Christ’s teaching seriously. Among other things, he has called for greater tolerance of the LGBT community.

For this opinion, he has been demonized in Right-Wing circles in the Church. Bruni notes that, “To them [Right Wing Catholic groups] Father Martin is ‘sick,’ ‘wicked,’ ‘a filthy liar,’ ‘the smoke of Satan’ and a ‘heretic’ on a fast track to ‘eternal damnation.’ They obsessively stalk him and passionately exhort churchgoers to protest his public appearances or prevent them from happening altogether.”

This is, or should be, terrifying for anyone even remotely connected with the Church. It is entirely antithetical to what the historical Jesus (if any) actually taught—who, it will be recalled, said absolutely nothing about homosexuality, but a great deal about mercy, forgiveness, and tolerance.

Yet, clearly, Martin’s critics have not heard that part of the New Testament. Indeed, they seem far more familiar with the Inquisition than the Sermon On The Mount. And as for “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…”

They appear to have missed that entirely.

~The Professor