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Top Pick To Replace Ryan Is a White Supremacist

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Wait. What? This guy’s for real? Alas, so it seems. The leading Republican candidate in the race to take Paul Ryan’s place in Congress is a chap named Paul Nehlen, a fairly obscure non-entity who has been floating around Wisconsin politics for some time. The kicker? He is a white supremacist who’s best known for his racist tweets about all and sundry.

So how on earth did this bizarre little fellow end up as the frontrunner? Well, mostly, it seems, because no one else wanted to run. Ryan’s leaving Congress because he knows that it isn’t going to be a healthy location for Republicans for the next, oh, thirty years or so. And nobody else in Wisconsin is eager to take his place.

Ergo, kind of by default, the GOP may well have Nehlen as its candidate.

And, woah dude, what a candidate he’s going to be. Journalist Adam Peck writes that Nehlen is a close pal of KKK Grand Wizard David Duke. He’s been so virulent that he’s been banned from Twitter and virtually every other social media platform, including, which was set up expressly for White Supremacists.

Oh, and here’s something else of interest. What got him kicked off Twitter? Ah, says Emily Sullivan, it seems he made racist tweets about “American actress Meghan Markle, the fiancée of Prince Harry.” Apparently, her mixed race heritage was offensive to him.

In a word, Ouch.

And yet this man may well represent the GOP in the November elections.

If you ever had any hopes that the GOP might reform itself in the near future, you may officially retire them. This party cannot be saved short of whole scale reconstruction.

As in top to freaking bottom.

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