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Tomorrow: What Will It Be

You are luckier than I.

You, who read this, do so in the future…24 hours into the future, to be precise. You see, I’m writing this on the night of Sunday, October 29, 2017. I have to do that because otherwise it won’t be posted on Sunday night to be read on Monday morning.

So, you know what I can’t possibly know—to wit, who it is that special counsel Robert Mueller has indicted, and who shall (quite possibly) be in jail by Monday evening.

As I say, as I write this I have no idea who, if anyone it shall be. We’ll both know soon enough…though, right now, I’m trying very hard not to get my hopes up. I’m trying not to hope it will be someone near and dear to that hateful Orange creature in the White House. I’m telling myself it will be a small fry, merely one or perhaps two of the lesser figures. I’m assuming that, by tomorrow, many of us will feel a vague sense disappointment.

At least at first…though who shall be arrested later… that is another matter.

I guess you could say that I am a short-term pessimist but a long-term optimist. I am guessing that we are just beginning the battle, and that it will last many a month yet. But, I am allowing myself the luxury of confidence, of holding tightly to the idea that if the end is not to come quickly, it is coming…and that we have begun to see it, distantly, like the tiny, indistinct gray cloud on the distant horizon, which shall become (in time) the hurricane.

I wonder, in fact, if Mueller is not just the first sign of that deliverance. Perhaps (wouldn’t it be nice?) if we are seeing the very beginnings…if only the beginnings…of resistance to the Drumpf even in his own party. Maybe, just perhaps, the party elites are starting to find their courage.

Unlikely, I suppose. But, consider, in rapid succession we have seen George W. Bush, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, and several others come out against him. Will they make a difference? Not right away, no. But, perhaps, over the months to come, the seeds will grow. Maybe, as it becomes clear to even the most loyal members of the GOP that the man in the White House is an existential threat to the nation (not to mention their own careers), maybe they will find the nerve to stand up and be counted.

But even if the GOP continues in its chilling descent into the abyss, even if none of its elder Statesmen/women find their morality (and spines) in time, I’m going to propose that, yes, we have begun.

Yes, to quote a certain president, I am going to engage in the audacity of hope. I am going to hope…and I invite you to join me in hoping…that we have begun the final transit…that long and arduous journey…which will include much pain and labor in genuine stygian darkness…

But which will end, finally, in the sun.

Ergo if tomorrow’s news, if Mueller’s indictments, do not seem all we hoped, let us not abandon hope. And dedicate ourselves to other, wiser souls who will know the end of the story, and rejoice in it…

That is, our own future selves, happier than we, and stronger.