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Today’s Christians Aren’t Christian

If you haven’t run across John Pavlovitz and his blog, “Stuff That Needs To Be Said,” do give him and it a glance in the near future. He is a self-described “a writer, pastor, and activist from Wake Forest, North Carolina” who has made a habit of telling truth to power…not always the safest of the avocations, but among the bravest.

Back in February of last year, he did a particularly moving piece that really should be read by anyone who has been dismayed by the linkage of the most hateful ideals imaginable with the “Christian” Right.  In White Evangelicals, You Let the Wolves in, he looks at how right-wing Christian Churches embraced the least Christian behaviors in the name of political expediency. In the process, he says, they have become, in effect, anti-Christian, and the very antithesis of what Jesus really said and did.

Thus, he writes, “For all their talk about following the Good Shepherd, white Evangelicals let the wolves in and they’re tearing the sheep to pieces. The predators have the run of the pen and we’re seeing the carnage happen in real-time, in party-line Congressional votes, in unconstitutional Executive Orders, in ill-conceived ICE raids, and in bizarre, ranting press conferences. It’s a brutal and wasteful destruction of many of the most at risk.”

It is a powerful and disturbing piece, but it also contains a strange note of hope. Pavlovitz is, after all, a Christian pastor. He is, then, powerful evidence that the Christian Left…or, to be more precise, original, genuine Christianity…is alive and well, and offering a vital and energetic critique of evangelical wolves, in all their self-important glory.