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To Russia With Love

     America won the Cold War with Russia,
now we must fight and win the Cyber-War

By Marc Keyser, TheResistance.Blog

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin launched a cyber-attack on the U.S. election to help Donald Trump win. The attack was a violation of our sovereignty as a nation… it was an act of war. We did not start this cyber-war, but we will finish it, and we will make Putin pay dearly.

America is in a de facto state of war with Russia. Vladimir Putin, the Russian dictator, the crime lord controlling Russia with an iron fist launched a sophisticated cyber-attack on our elections to help Donald Trump win and sow seeds of discord among the American people along racial lines to divide the nation and cripple us with internal conflict.

Thanks to Putin and his government sanctioned cyber-attack on our elections, we have a demented dictator in the White House, the take over of our government by rich elitists and the rise of White Nationalism tearing the country in apart. This is a war for the sovereignty of America and our survival as a Democracy.

Trump’s win is a fraud.


MINSK BELARUS – Feb 11 2015: Russian President Vladimir Putin before the negotiations of leaders of states in Normandy format in Minsk

The Russians rigged the election, and Donald Trump is the illegitimate President of the United States of America. Trump is a Russian collaborator. President Trump is doing everything he can to do nothing about the Russian cyber-attack and the manipulation our electoral process. He refuses to impose or implement meaningful sanctions against Russian for this act of war against the United State of America. Trump refuses to stand against the racism he and Putin have unleashed in America. Trump is Putin’s pawn in the White House. Trump is a traitor.

Even during the cold war, Russia did not dare to attack the United States on American soil.

The Russian invasion of our telecommunication infrastructure is an act of war. The hacking of emails, the targeting of voters on social media, the Russian bots disseminating misinformation and spreading lies, the tampering with voter registration, has be discounted by the President with little being done by our government to stop it from happening again.

The President and Congress are doing nothing of substance to punish Russia or stop Russia from interfering in the upcoming election. We the People must take matters into our own hands. We must respond to the crisis. We must retaliate; we must hit back. We must defend our nation and the engage the enemy at ground level.

The Resistance Strike Force needs to mount a defense and launch an assault on the Russian VEBank here New York City.

The Russians invaded our communications, we must retaliate and overrun the communications of Putin’s personal bank, VEB with an office sitting here in New York City. We must kick the VEB out of the United States. We must impose Citizen Sanctions since our government is incapable of responding to the crisis because we have a traitor in the White House who is a tool of the Russian Government. This is America; this is war! We must force the Russian bank VEB to get the hell out of America.

Protesting against the Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin, in the usual manner inside of Russia is difficult, dangerous and it doesn’t work.

What if there is another way to protest outside of Russia that is not difficult or dangerous and has the potential to do enormous economic damaging to Putin’s regime in Russia? What if we can attack Putin’s bank VEB here in the USA and turn the tables? What if we can kick the Russian bank VTB out of America and throw Russia’s economy into chaos? What if we turn the Russian people against Putin?

The Resistance can launch a Phone Boycott and place crippling sanctions on VEB branches operating outside of Russia.

The President and GPO Republicans who control Congress have sold us out. Our government has become the friend of Russia and enemy of the American people. President colluded with Russia to rig the election, and the GOP controlled congress is part of the cover-up. It looks like the President and members of Congress have been taking money from Russian oligarchs. Our government has sold us out to the enemy. We must take matters into our own hands. We must stand up to Russia and make Putin pay for this egregious attack on America.

The target is Vneshekonombank (VEB)

VEB is an opaque organization held firmly under the thumb of President Vladianmir Putin. This is his personal piggy bank. Putin used VEB to finance the Winter Olympics in Sochi and extend Russian financial influence in Ukraine.

What we have to do here in the U.S.A is call and boycott the VEB branch in New York City, overload their phones, disrupt their business, kick they out of the USA and start a run on the bank that spreads back to Russia. Strike back at Russia and send a message to Putin.

We need to weaponize our iPhones.

We need Phone Commandos to start calling VEB here in New York. We need to attack their communications, jam their phones, disrupt their business, and strike a blow for Democracy.

We need to take on Vladimir Putin, the arrogant Russian dictator, who dared attack the United States, subvert our elections, corrupt our elected officials, undermine Democracy, divide our society and put President Trump, this moral monster, in the White House.

Show the Russians some tough love.

Demonstrate in front of the VEB on Fifth Ave., demand they get out of America. Politely call and jam their phones and disrupt their business with brotherly love. Tell the Russian operatives to get the hell out of America and take their bank with them. Don’t hate, mass communicate. Make international news and go viral on the Internet start a run on the VEB that spreads back to Russia.

This is America, we are free to protest by phone against Russia outside of Russia out of harm’s way. We have every right to boycott VEB and shut them down and impose Citizen Sanctions until the Russians get out of America.

In the U.S. call VEB and demonstrate in front of their office
452 Fifth Avenue

+1 646-527-6300

In Brittan call VEB Capital plc and demonstrate in front of their office

14 Cornhill, London
+44 (0) 20 3334 8000

In Germany call VEB Direktbank a branch of VEB (Europe) SE
located at the headquarters in Frankfurt.

It is extremely dangerous to oppose Putin on Russian soil.

Russian dissident, Alexei Navalny is leading the opposition against Putin. He tried to run for President of Russia in the 2018 election, but Putin had him arrested on trumped up charges.

Navalny, an anti-corruption blogger and opposition politician who has been detained amid protests several times before, was barred from running in the presidential election earlier this year due to a criminal conviction for embezzlement that he has called politically motivated. In February 2017, a district court in Kirov upheld his suspended sentence despite the European Court of Human Rights siding with Navalny.

Navalny lives in constant fear for his life knowing Putin could have him poisoned or killed or imprisoned at any time. He was arrested by Putin’s goons and detained together with a thousand of his supporters across the country in protests against the start of President Vladimir Putin’s fourth term in office this week.

“Go out onto the streets, it’s the right thing to do for an honest person,” Mr. Navalny tweeted to supporters before the protest on Moscow’s main street leading to the Kremlin.

Crowds of mostly young people had gathered in the square named after Russian writer Alexander Pushkin, bearing placards criticizing Mr. Putin’s almost 20-year rule and mocking him as a czar. Other protesters borrowed a Soviet-era epithet, calling Mr. Putin “an enemy of the people.”

These street protests are valiant but in vain.

Despite the protests, Putin has enjoyed a boost in popularity- mostly through fear and intimidation- amid Moscow’s tensions with the West. He won the March election with almost 80% of the vote, dominating a field of little-known figures.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin appears to be as invincible as he is corrupt.

However, when the Resistance launches the Phone Boycott against the Russian VEBank in New York, London, and Frankfort, people are safe simply calling to inform the bank they will not tolerate a Communist Russian bank controlled by Putin on America soil. The VEB can get the hell out of the USA.

Demonstrators can peacefully protest outside the building, making news that will go viral on the internet.

Disrupting business at VEB branches outside of Russian and outside of Putin’s control is a spark that will set off a nuclear protest inside Russian.

In Russia, the news of the protests against the VEB in America, Brittan and Germany will create fear and trembling among the Russian people concerned about the safety of their money in the banks in Russia

Under the cover of chaos, all Alexei Navalny and his followers have to do is start calling VEB and line up to take their money out- or not put their money in the bank. Just add to the chaos. They can help spook consumers and trigger a run on the VEB among millions of people who are going to want their money back.

If a single person is arrested, it will not be a deterrent to people with their money in a bank in Russia; it will not intimidate people who want their money back to be safe. It will be signal flare to set off a stampede among the better part of 144 million people with money in the banks in Russia. No matter how much people in Russia fear Putin, they will fear losing their money in a run on the banks far more.

The run on VEB will grow and spread and turn into a run on the other corrupt banks in Russia leaving Putin facing an economic meltdown among millions of angry people who want their MONEY back only to discover that when everyone wants their MONEY at the same time, the MONEY is not there in the banks.

This is cyber warfare

We need to mobilize the Resistance and weaponize our iPhones. We need Phone Commandos to start calling the VEBank here in New York. We need to social network, go viral and spread the word to the Resistance in Brittan and Germany and anywhere where there is a VEBank.

We need to call in solidarity, occupy the phones, and strike a blow against Russia. We need to make Putin pay. We need to take on Putin, the arrogant Russian dictator, who dared attack the United States, subvert our elections, undermine Democracy, divide our society and put President Trump in the White House… a megalomaniac worse than Putin.

It’s payback time…

No matter how much the Russian people fear Putin, they will fear losing their money in the banks far more. For sowing racial discord in America, we shall sow economic panic in Russia.

Then what?

Then we call Bank of America, jam their phones, disrupt their business and create a financial crisis on Wall Street that forces Congress to impose sanctions on Russia and impeach Trump- the Russian collaborator. Then the special counsel can indict Trump and try him for obstruction of justice, for corruption, and for treason.

We will have JUSTICE.