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Time To Flush Trickle Down

So here’s a video you might enjoy. Robert Reich, one of the coolest dudes on the current left, just released a video entitled, “The failure of trickle-down economics.” In it, he looks at Der Drumpf’s plans to extend still further tax cuts to zillionaires on the logic that making obscenely rich people still more obscenely rich will, somehow, benefit the rest of us.

“Trickle Down Economics” came to us as one of the utterly failed policies of the Reagan era. In his video on same, Reich takes the theory apart…bit by bit and bolt by bolt…and shows just how utterly ridiculous it is. The grim fact of the matter is that when you make rich people richer, their wealth doesn’t tend to trickle down. In fact, it stays in their tight little fists, and everyone else gets poorer.

Reich is a man we can trust on this. He knows what he’s talking about. Among other things, he is a professor of public policy at UC Berkeley, as well as Senior Fellow at the Blum Center for Developing Economies and he was the Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration. He also spent the last decade or so warning people that something like Trump could happen…and, of course, nobody listened.

So, when you get a chance, give his most recent video a glance, and then, after that, hit his website. Both are definitely worth a look.

And then, afterwards, tell everyone you know…and a few folks you don’t…that it is time to do with Trickle Down Economics what we should have done with it during the Reagan years.

To wit, flush it…like the rest of the sewage.


One quick personal note. We’ve actually met Robert Reich, albeit briefly, and a long time ago. His son was in a play that we attended, and we ended up chatting with him about Shakespeare afterwards.

Unlike a lot of celeb-policy-wonks he is a friendly and approachable man, who speaks easily and well on a great many different topics. We found ourselves then, as we find ourselves now, wishing that he were in Congress or, better yet, the White House.

The reason he isn’t? He’s short. Very short. He’s even shorter than we are, and that’s saying something.

We’ve heard a rumor, in fact, that when he started to shop around for a place in American politics in the early 2000s (he ran for governor of Massachusetts in 2002 but came in second in the primary), he was rather rebuffed by the party establishment. Supposedly, the word came down from the grand high strategists of Washington that “Americans will only vote for somebody tall”— preferably without the scent of the intellectual about him.

Thus, once again, Those Who Think They Know Best made certain that someone who really did know something was expelled from the game before it began. And, alas, one more time, we find ourselves ruled by men and women who are oh-so-long on leg…

But oh-so-short on brain.