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Time and Time Again

If you haven’t seen it, this week’s Time magazine has a pretty spooky cover suggesting that the Democratic Party is doomed. It’s an interesting read, but don’t let it overly depress you.

Most magazines have a sort of unspoken theme. With the New Yorker under Ross, it was “aren’t we dang sophisticated?” With Forbes, it was “we’re rich or we will be soon.” With today’s Atlantic, it is “The End Of Something Or Other is Near… or at least Nearish. We’re just sure.”

With Time, it’s “things used to be soooo much better and tomorrow’s going to be even worse.” Which isn’t to say Time’s editors are always wrong in that regard, but keep in mind that sometimes ye olde grain of ye proverbial salt is required.

That said, here at LR.net, we do wonder about the Democratic Party. On some level, we fear that it won’t really be vigorous again until it has embraced a left-populist, left-nationalist role, and finally comes to terms with the Bernie Bros and Sanders Sisters.

But, if it fails to do that…

Well, we worry.