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Thoughts & Prayers To Less Is Moore

Having a bad day? Need a short derisive chortle to restore your sense of wellbeing? We’ve got one.

ArtMofo (@Art_Mofo) is a Trump parody account on Instagram. And Mr. Mofo, whoever s/he is or isn’t, has recently read that Roy Moore…remember him? The pistol-packing GOP candidate with a taste for teens? …is in financial need. Seems all those campaign expenses are weighing him down. And Mr. Moore has put out a request for financial aid from his supporters.

Mr. Mofo (can we call him Art?) has responded generously. He is sending a check for “thoughts and prayers” to the Moore Defense Fund. No cash, of course. That would be vulgar. And this isn’t the time. So…thoughts and prayers alone. Certain to do a whole heck of a lot of good.

We think it is a great idea. Indeed, here at LR Net, we’re going to do something similar. Except, of course, the check will be drawn on our account at the First Hallucinatory Bank of East Delirium in the Great State of West Dakota. And we’ll make it an invisible cashier’s check to boot.

Seems the least we could do. Maybe even less than the least. But, gosh, Moore’s worth it.

Don’t you agree?