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The Yellow Jackets’ Sting

This one we got from our friend Robert Folkner, who follows news from Paris with some intensity. As you know, while we’ve been focused on Trump, France has been dealing with some pretty serious riots. In particular, these are being organized by “The Yellow Vests” (so called because they wear yellow traffic safety vests while in combat).

Who are the Yellow Vests and why are the burning cars and smashing windows in downtown Paris? They are working and working-middle class men and women from the center of the country whose lives have been blighted by Neo-Liberalism. They are the losers in the great post-industrial economy that was supposed to enrich us all…but mostly just made the wealthy into the obscenely wealthy.

In other words, they are the kind of people who voted for Trump in the United States. But the Yellow Vests, being wiser than we, took their fury to the streets.

The question, of course, is when do we something like this in Washington? That is, if Trump and his people continue to do nothing except serve the interests of the powerful, and of Putin?