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The Wolf Who Would Have Saved Us

Interesting article over on The Washington Post by Darryl Fears, The relentless slaughter of wolves paved the way for a predator that refuses to die. It seems, says Mr. Fears, that various state and local agencies wanted to get rid of the wolf, which was seen as a danger to cattle and sheep. So, states and even, now and then, the Federal government launched programs to exterminate the wolf.

The problem? The wolves had been keeping coyotes at bay. The two animals are normally sworn enemies, and wolves had kept the coyotes out of the Eastern states. Without wolves, the coyotes happily moved into to take up the slack. It has been estimated that coyotes now eat far more lambs and calves than wolves ever managed.

Liberal Resistance is currently based in a western state, New Mexico, and we know coyotes rather well. They are intelligent, quick, and fearless. Oh, and they’re breeding with domesticated dogs and what few wolves remain in the wild. The result is a super-predator that can out-think, out-run, and out-fight pretty much any animal on the planet short of lions, tigers, and bears (oh, my).

The logical response, then, would be to reintroduce wolves into the wild and let them deal with coyotes for us. But, rest assured, the Trumpsters will stop that from happening…

After all, climate change is a hoax. And coyotes, surely, must also be an illusion…foisted on the world by vicious liberals and other commies.