The Whiner Party

The Whiner Party

William B. Turner

The Party of Whiners hit a new low/high recently, with Rand Paul, Mr. Libertian, complaining that, after he suffered an attack by his neighbor several weeks ago, the press paid too much attention to the motive for the attack and not enough on the severity of poor Randy poo’s injuries. He suffered broken ribs and endured two bouts of pneumonia as a result. He was allegedly in severe pain for more than a week.

He has our deepest sympathies.

But he doesn’t seem to care nearly as much for the people whose access to healthcare he is trying to take away. We know he got first class treatment because we pay for it. It’s not clear why he did not receive medication sufficient to alleviate his pain, but we can be sure it wasn’t because his Cadillac health insurance policy didn’t cover it. Members of Congress mostly buy their health insurance via the Washington, D.C. exchange under the Affordable Care Act and get about 72% of their premiums covered by their employers – you and me.

Um, it is not the job of the press to hold the hands of U.S. Senators. It is not at all clear why asking about the attacker’s motive is somehow illegitimate.

To whine, of course, is to complain about something, usually in a childish manner, that is not much of a problem or perhaps not a problem at all.

One need not look far to find one likely reason why Paul feels comfortable whining on national television. The leader of his Party, the so called president, rarely does anything but whine, especially when he discusses the press.

Whining is also a form of special pleading – of demanding undeserved favors or special consideration. The so called president seems not to have grasped that the press is supposed to cover the president of the United States relentlessly, and that this principle is built into our Constitution, which he also does not understand.

While Barack Obama was president, of course, the Donald had no hesitation about using relentless coverage of the president to his advantage, especially as he pursued the racist birther myth – that Obama had been born outside the United States and thus was not eligible to be president.

In a classic case of whining as special pleading, however, Trump seems to believe that the press should now treat him with kid gloves. During his campaign, he began his bad habit of attacking the press, telling his loyal minions that reporters treated him badly, coining the term, “fake news,” that we now hear bandied about so much. None of this news is really fake. It’s critical of the Donald because he’s doing a really horrible job as president. They’re just reporting honestly on him.

Yet he recently promised to announce the “MOST DISHONEST AND CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR.” He then postponed this announcement, and will likely forget all about it soon enough, since he has the attention span of a three year old.

But this is the Whiner in Chief in action.