The wave - Liberal Resistance

The wave

By Tenacity

And the cry of the People was shouted from the rooftops as Republicans fell from their seats in the varied 2017 elections.  In my mind’s eye I can almost envision the gasps as Republican seats fell to Democrats, often new to the political scenario and of fresh blood, those of and for the people, those that still understand what it is to be an everyday person.

How interesting it would have been to be a fly on the wall in the halls of the White House or to see the faces of GOP leaders as they watched the news.  How wonderful to see so many women take the win in Virginia and that so many of them had never ran for office before.  How beautiful and how empowering it is to see this great nation wake from a sleeplike state and come alive as the hearts of the people cry out for relief.  How excellent for our future that the people again demand to be heard and that they hear and answer the cries of their fellow citizens.

If nothing else, 2016 has served as a wake-up call for all of us.  It has served to remind us that it is we, the people that are ultimately responsible for what we allow our elected officials to do.  It is we the people that are responsible for the fairness of our elections, for the set-up of our districts and ultimately for the outcomes of our elections.  We are learning that we can take back our country and that we should and we can hold our elected officials accountable for their actions, whether those actions are for us or against us or as often is the case, more geared towards self-interests and that we should.

I can envision a future in our country where Americans do not sleep politically and socially.  Where Americans hold our elected officials accountable, where Americans demand that greed and corruption be ripped from the halls of our most high offices.  I can envision a future where Americans remind our elected officials that the end game is not about their financial richness, where Americans remind them that we will take care of them as well as they have taken care of us.  Where we remind them that the status of an elected official is never above the people but that the status of the elected official is the more sacred and most servitude position that any person can ever hope to achieve.  I can imagine a future where Americans can take pride in those we elect and where those we elect know that we are watching and that we will never again abide selfishness and self-gain to hold the titles of the highest offices in our land.  I can begin to imagine a future where We the People has real meaning again.

It feels akin to a new birth, to a new awakening and it is my hope that this never ends.  It is of utmost importance that we never again fall into such a deep sleep and allow ourselves to be enslaved by the mindset of our officials or of those with money and power who would seek to divert our attentions or color our knowledge with fancy false words and false leadings towards our own worst interests.

We must become even better stewards of our great nation and of our world.  We must learn what good stewardship is and what it is not.  We must teach our children and our people that hard work is a good thing and we must ensure opportunity so that hard work bears fruit for all.  We must take hard looks at our laws that make our economy more divided and more fruitful for the few and we must find ways to lift others up as we pull ourselves up by the bootstraps.  We must learn that we do not need to indenture others for selfish reasons as we seek to raise our own status.  We must learn that there is truly enough for all and find the means to ensure that opportunity exists for all.  We must hold our lawmakers accountable for ensuring this great nation remains a place of opportunity and we must ensure that their hearts are pure and that greed is never their motivating factor.  We must work to strip the influences of powerful people from touching the lawmakers of our land because where opportunity exits, great evils are sure to follow.  Where people sleep, great opportunities for selfish actions become possible and where possibilities exist unchecked, human nature is sure to grasp and run with them.

A month ago we might not have imagined that Democrats would take key races in Virginia and New Jersey.  We might not have imagined that so many of our people would be motivated to run for office in the varied levels of our government.  Personally, it thrills me to see the hearts of the people out pouring into action for positive change.  It touches my soul to see this great wave for the good of our country and the world at large because make no mistake, the future of America affects more than Americans.  As it has been said “Adversity is not the end, but the beginning of something better.”  Let’s make sure we stay on the path of “something better”.

We can affect nothing without effort and all effort matters.  Be the change in your small corner of the world and watch that as it affects one other corner and see just how far that small corner can grow and spill forth into positive light.   Paint your world.  Be the change you want to see in the world!