The WalMart Walkout - Liberal Resistance

The WalMart Walkout

I had a strange, vivid dream last night.  I was somewhere in one of those right-to-work states at a Wal-Mart.  I’m not sure if it was Black Friday or when, but a large mob was gathered by the door.  Anyway, right before the door was set to be opened a group of employees quit and took off their vests and opened the doors to walk out.  Then faced with an angry mob the rest of the employees ran out the back door for their own safety.   Even the security guards took off out the back door saying they don’t get paid enough to deal with this.  The employees said they had no proper outlet to vent their legitimate frustrations to their employers, and that their employers refused to listen anyway or would retaliate toward anyone airing a legitimate work-related grievance.

 The angry mob then cleaned out the entire Wal-Mart that had no employees and it was left with completely empty shelves.  What was interesting was even the employees that started the walk off ended up getting unemployment benefits.  They said they quit their job for cause.  They insisted working for below a living wage was abusive and that any reasonable person would quit. Because they were in a right-to-work state they had no responsibility to give their employer any notice whatsoever.

 Once it happened once then it started happening all over the country.  People not being paid a living wage simply started walking off their jobs with no notice and making a comment on social media about it and angry mobs of very poor desperate working class people, including many soccer moms in large SUV’s, would show up and clean the entire stores out.

 Finally, more business owners started paying a living wage to their employees because they realized they might have to actually do some work without employees.  It took them potentially losing their businesses to realize they should pay their employees a high enough wage so that they just don’t walk out the door and off the job.