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The Truth About This Nation

The other day I reached a point of exhaustion and with that came some real clarity.  Why was I exhausted you might ask?  Well, the honest answer is because essentially I was out trying to make more money to cover my healthcare expenses.  Yes, we live in a country where no one has a right to affordable or even adequate healthcare.  Even as this country bombs and murders millions of innocent people around the globe to steal their national resources and wealth we still can’t “afford” to give our own people affordable and adequate healthcare.  We can send enough aid to Israel yearly that they can afford nationalized healthcare and college, but we can’t “afford” it for our own citizens, right here in America.  Well, I call complete bullshit on that.  

It’s not that we can’t “afford” it in this country as the wealthiest country in the world.  The current American system is just too greedy and corrupt to make that a priority. That would be far too humanitarian of The United States to actually do something positive for every American citizen or to care about the interests of someone that’s not a millionaire or billionaire.  I can already hear simple minded people thinking that I should move if I don’t like it that much. Well, the unfortunate reality is I’m still locked into this shithole country at the moment, and with the inadequate and unaffordable healthcare I don’t see my situation actually improving.

It is unbelievable that we have a system where no medical help can be sought for anything without coughing up a large medical copay for absolutely everything.  It is no wonder people show up in the emergency rooms across the country all the time with problems that could have been handled way earlier and when they were less severe.  Can anyone that’s not ridiculously wealthy afford decent healthcare here in America?  Heaven forbid anyone has a chronic condition here that requires ongoing care. That’s why I feel totally screwed over.  Let me prove my point by saying that  I quit going to the only pain clinic here about a year ago because I was tired of being treated like a criminal and drug addict for seeking medical help with 2 well documented and separate long term pain conditions.  Then, last month that pain clinic was shut down because the doctor was selling opiates on the street to fuel his cocaine habit.

I feel for the countless people subjected to that treatment when honestly seeking medical help.



Chris Madsen is a writer and activist based in the great state of Hawaii. He frequently writes from the unique perspective of his Pacific home. His opinions are his own.

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