The Truth about Hawaiian Real Estate - Liberal Resistance

The Truth about Hawaiian Real Estate

by Chris Madsen

Most land in Hawaii isn’t investment grade. Hawaii has two land systems. Think about it for a minute and consider the other 49 states all only need one system each.

Land Court has been around since 1903 and is the closest system to the original Hawaiian system. Land Court lacks certain things like adverse possession because that stems from American Law via English Common Law. Hawaiians had their own independent system. All properties in Land Court have been judicially reviewed at least once to have a clean title. Owners of Land Court properties most likely have a secure and legal claim to said land.

After the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Government and the illegal annexation there was a problem of what to do with all the ill-gotten and stolen lands. Many properties couldn’t be put into Land Court because the titles could not be proven clean back to the monarchy and no judge would sign off. So the “Regular System” was born. The Regular System is merely a registry. It does not guarantee any sort of actual “ownership”. Most people don’t understand this. If you truly understand what I am explaining your mouth should be most likely be dropped open right now. Land Court issues a certificate of title and guarantees ownership. Not all Regular System land is necessarily stolen, however lacking a judicial review extending back to the monarchy no one really knows who the rightful legal owner is for many of these parcels. The rightful legal owners are most likely Hawaiian Nationals descended from whoever the land was stolen from. While most Regular System property “owners” may have title insurance. It is hard to calculate but this is a ticking financial time bomb most likely in the trillions of dollars. Last year when 700 permitted homes were destroyed by lava many had to sue their insurance companies to get any form of payment. That insurance loss would be a drop in large bucket compared to the potential liability I am talking about here. Does anyone at all even think these title insurance companies even have the ability to pay on all of these such claims? The other glaring problem with title insurance is a home purchased here in the 1970s may only have a $50,000 policy for the original purchase price. That home could easily be worth $750,000 to $1,000,000 in today’s economy on Oahu, Maui, or Kauai.

What many people don’t understand is Hawaii was a very progressive place. There was free healthcare established for all Hawaiians here by the Queen over 125 years ago. Just today in May of 2019 I was in a Hawaii State Agency arguing over why I don’t have adequate and affordable access to healthcare. Kind of ridiculous to think we have a “better” system now. Those of us who understand the true reality would gladly give up American Citizenship for Hawaiian Citizenship.

A freed neutral Hawaii would quite possibly be the wealthiest nation per capita in the world with its relatively small population. A freed neutral Hawaii would also most likely rival the Scandinavian and other European countries on its overall progressiveness as well. Hawaii isn’t even in North America it is and always has been the northern point of the Polynesian Triangle; that is a fact.