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The Trump Effect

At one time, I couldn’t understand why some people couldn’t understand certain things, even when they were thoroughly explained or quite obvious. It took someone with a doctorate in psychology to explain to me that half the people out there have below average intelligence.  So I guess we could also say half the people out there have below average commonsense, too.  When those two forces combine maybe we should call that the “Trump Effect.” Donald Trump desperately needs something with his name on it.  

I’m probably going to continue to do my best to ignore and filter out the sheer bullshit and lies coming out of Trump’s mouth.   But the 1 in 2 with below average intelligence and commonsense or the really special group of 1 in 4 with below average intelligence & below average commonsense will probably eat that bullshit up spoonful after spoonful.

While these people may not be a majority when their voting habits are combined with people voting on other factors and issues it is enough to cause major disruption or even chaos (see Trump Administration). 

Trust me, it is simple enough for a child to understand.  So the next time a kid asks, “How did Donald Trump become President?”  We should all answer back, “He became president because of “The Trump Effect”.  When that child asks, “What is ‘The Trump Effect?'” We need to explain to that child that 1 in 2 people have below average intelligence and 1 in 2 have below average common sense and unfortunately some people get hit with both sticks and obviously weren’t doing any thinking (critical or otherwise) and believed all of his lies.  

You can then reassure that child they do have a brain and can use it whenever they want for free even.  So please make sure you encourage them to think about whether things make sense or not so “The Trump Effect” doesn’t get them too!  

Chris Madsen



Chris Madsen is a writer and an activist based in Hawaii. His opinions are his own.