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The Sword Of Righteousness

VirtualReality2 host and author, Marc Keyser

Greta Thunberg, the young Joan of Arc of the Climate Change Movement, is leading the global war to save the planet.

Greta joined protestors with Youth Climate Strike Los Angeles outside City Hall to protest fossil fuel production in California in the midst of the horrendous fires in L.A.

The Swedish teen who became the unlikely face of climate change activism rose to prominence protesting against the threat posed to the planet by human pollution. They are calling her a “teen climate activist and phenom.”

Thunberg said earlier this week that she visited the area where the Camp Fire burned more than 153,000 acres last year and met with survivors of the fire.

“Street after street with no houses left, I heard heartbreaking stories,” Thunberg said. “We can see the wildfires happening just around the corner. Everywhere around the world we can see these horrible environmental feedbacks that countless people are suffering and dying from.”

The state’s increasing frequency of wildfires if the direct result of climate change and drying out California’s vast landscapes.

Thunberg, 16, said her generation has a responsibility to demand from elected officials environmental policy reforms that ban oil and gas drilling, from which carbon emissions have been identified as a primary source of the planet’s rising temperatures, which are contributing to the severity of the fires in Los Angeles.

“The scientists have been repeating the same message over and over again, and yet, they are still not being listened to,” Thunberg said. “Why are the people in power still pretending that everything is fine, and we can just continue to live … as if there was no tomorrow? Well, there is a tomorrow — it is a tomorrow where we, the young people, will live and we need to fight for that tomorrow as if our lives depend on it, because it does.”

The problem is not the willingness to protest, the problem is the means of protest

The spirt is willing, but our weapons of protest are weak. Greta is trying to slay the dragon with a rubber mallet when she needs the Sword of Righteousness.

We must arm protesters with a more modern, convenient, effective, and powerful way to join the Climate Strike in Los Angeles from around the globe. We must arm our army of environmental activists with weapons of non-violent warfare… we must weaponize our cell phones.

We have the means to mass communicate with the capitalists destroying our planet and exploiting people for profit. Calling together, we can jam the lines at the big banks that finance the big oil companies. Calling together, we can cut off their cash flow and cost them a bloody fortune. We can use our smartphones to wield the Economic Sword and cut off funding for the big oil companies and the fossil fuel industries getting rich destroying our planet.

Call the target bank in your country:

#CallBankAmerica (USA)

#CallUniCredit Group (Italy)
#CallBankofLondon (UK)
#RoyalBankofCanada (Canada)
#CallVTB (Russia)
#CallDeutscheBank (Germany)
#BNP Paribas (France)

#CallChemicalBank (Holland)

#CallBanesto (Spain)

#Call BankofChina (China)

Invade their phones, jam the lines, cut off their lines of communication, take your money out and demonstrate in front of the bank. Go viral on social media an activate millions of people around the globe to join in calling in the here and now.

Peacefully, obstruct business as usual until we start a run on the big banks and crash their stock. Overrun their phones, cost them a bloody fortune until they stop financing fossil fuels. Cut off their cash flow with the Sword of Righteousness.



Marc Keyser is a writer and activist who has pioneered the use of the cellphone as an instrument of mass protest. The opinions expressed here are his own.

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