The Supreme Court’s Demise - Liberal Resistance

The Supreme Court’s Demise

By this time, everyone knows that Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy is retiring. Everyone also knows that the consequences of that will be horrific. Trump will almost certainly appoint a Hard Right individual to the court, and probably not one particularly well qualified. He or she will be as brainless, aggressive, and “libertarian” (i.e., plutocratic) as the rest of the Trump administration.

And thus we face a real possibility that abortion under any circumstances will be outlawed, that the already porous line between church and state will cease to exist entirely, climate change science will be outlawed, and organized labor will become an anachronism.

All this is true. But, let us hold fast to one possible positive result. Maybe, and this is admittedly a slender reed, the increasingly obvious corruption and Fascism of the Orange One’s administration will stimulate the Left and the Middle to yet new heights of activity, and that, in the end, not only will Trump but also all his acts, his appointments, his rules and tariffs will be deemed wholly illicit…and swept away.

And that includes the judges and judgments of any court he has dishonored in the process.