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The Silencer …and death

Frightening article over on the Washington Post: Why the shooting in Virginia Beach sets an ominous precedent by Juliette Kayyem. She notes that in the most recent of the mass murders which our nation has suffered…which the NRA assures us we can do nothing to stop…the killer used a silencer on at least one of his weapons. That made him all the more deadly since fewer people knew he was coming or where he was.

Thus, the “ominous precedent”…that shooters in future will use silencers (suppressors) on their weapons as well in order to increase their body count. And, of course, the more rabid advocates of the Second Amendment will announce that we mustn’t pass any laws against them.

The present writer is no expert on firearms. But, for a variety of boringly unimportant reasons he has had some experience with subsonic rounds, chiefly 9 mm and .22, delivered from suppressor equipped firearms. He is of the opinion that such weapons are not protected by the Constitution, and while they may have many excellent uses in certain aspects of hunting, target shooting, and assassinations, they are not a part of the normal, civilian shooter’s daily life. As such, they should be only sold under license and under careful supervision.

Just like a howitzer.

Only less noisy.

-Victor Storiguard